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Why you should buy Tupperware products and be wary of the cheap imitations

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One of the most common questions I am asked is "why pay extra for Tupperware when I can get the cheap stuff?"  There are some important answers to that question that everyone needs to know.  Here are the main reasons you need to consider:

  • Healthy - don't compromise when it comes to your family: All Tupperware products are made from safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials; thus they do not release harmful chemicals to food or liquid contents. Materials & Additives used exceed US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) & Japan Polyolefin Hygienic Association standards. What it means is that you can use Tupperware with peace of mind every time!
  • Color Safe: One can enjoy the attractiveness of Tupperware Products in fabulous trendy colors and be assured that colorants used are all registered on the French Positive List, Circular Letter No. 176 (the most stringent in the world). It also complies with Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Resolution AP (89) 1 requirements.
  • Top quality and finish: All products have passed stringent tests and are built to last. Its design and smooth finishing make Tupperware products a delight to hold and use for any occasion. The high quality and standards are reflected in its typical single product mold costing over USD$100,000!
  • Innovative Design: Tupperware products are designed to inspire. Unlike ordinary plastic products, many Tupperware products have won worldwide awards such as Industrial Design Excellence Awards, Reddot Award, IF Seal Award and numerous others. Indeed, one can use Tupperware with pride!
  • Microwave safe: Where Tupperware products are indicated for microwave use, Tupperware uses materials strictly meant for microwave use & adhere with the following bodies:
    USA -Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory (TSCA), Canada - Domestic Substances List (DSL), Europe - European Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances (EINECS), Australia - Australia Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS), Korea - Korean Existing Chemical List (KECL), Japan - Japanese Inventory (ENCS)
  • Environment Friendly: Tupperware plays its role in saving Mother Earth from further pollution and degradation as its products are designed for long term use. On the other hand, plastic bags and bottles, Styrofoam containers and PET bottles are not made for repeated use, and thus adds to the mountain of garbage.
And last, but not the least:


Buy with confidence!  Tupperware products are guaranteed against chipping, cracking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product. When a Tupperware product shows a defect in material or function, you may visit any Tupperware Business Center or contact me for a free replacement.

A Tupperware product is not only healthier, safer, better in quality, has great design, and environment friendly, but it is also the more economical product to buy

So when people ask me "Why Tupperware" I provide them with this important information.  From then on, they are fans of the amazing world of Tupperware products - just like me!  Contact me if you need more information or if you would like to join me and become part of this wonderful family.  I'll help you along the way!


Let's Do This!  :-)